BLOG: Getting In The Game When You Just Aren't Feeling It

You know those times when you just aren't feeling it? When you have a task before you, but you're dragging?



It makes it so hard to do that thing.


By contrast, when we're fully engaged, we get in the flow. We're excited to start, and things move effortlessly from there.


As a side benefit, full engagement enhances performance and improves outcomes. 


Yes, yes, and YES!


And it wasn't happening for me before this meeting I had scheduled. I was dra-ggy, but I didn't know precisely what was going on.


So I did what I often do when something isn't working - I reached out for support via that most modern method - texting - because, as I've written before, connection cures all, and we can borrow energy until we create our own.


But also, it prompts me to REALLY look at what's going on. There's something in the writing, in having to explain it to others, that clarifies the issue.


My heart wasn't in it.


So I went for a hike and did some heart openers, because there's nothing quite like moving the body to get the mind generating ideas to solve the problem.


It capitalizes on the mind-body connection with the side benefit of combatting the dragginess. 


It worked! Of course.


No sooner had I walked 15 paces when the thought popped into my head, "What are you believing here?"


The answer that followed, "I don't believe it's possible."


Well, duh.


Beliefs drive the bus for us. They're subconscious programming tied to the heart, and they're the make it or break it element as to whether we actualize anything. 


If I'm not believing, of course my heart's not in it.


At the same time, what was I to do with this info? I couldn't very well just tell myself it's possible.


In the next instant, I heard something cracking through the woods. As I looked around, I spotted two perfect little fawns exuding the essence of deer-ness - gentleness, grace, and innocence.




Not only is this a scene I've experienced only one other time in my tens of thousands of miles hiking through the woods, but these little creatures typify the perfect qualities that facilitate change.


Yep, really. 


It's happening, because anything is possible.


The moment expanded as this understanding dropped into my being like the missing piece to a puzzle. 


The experience allowed me to believe.


Coincidence? Maybe. But there's a part of me that gets a thrill out of this kind of magic.


And it put me in precisely the right state of heart and mind to head into that meeting fully engaged and excited about the possibilities.



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