BLOG: Quieting the Mind, Get the Practice

I know I've used this image before, but I LOVE it. It is the picture of serenity.



For someone who has spent time in the grips of a robustly active mind or unbridled anxiety, serenity can seem impossible.


But there it is, the ideal set in stone to endure the ages and show us that it is possible. Or at least possible in the mind of the maker.


How can it be, though, when I have ALL THESE THOUGHTS? Like a runaway train with a cow catcher, they push aside any and all semblance peace and calm.


Constant, urgent, unsettling thoughts which push and push and mold themselves into every crevice to become ALL we ever think about. All we ever ARE.


It took me almost half a lifetime to understand that the thoughts weren't ME. I had mistaken DesCartes' I think therefore I am, to mean I am my thoughts. 


Unfortunate, the pain that caused.


The reality is that our thoughts can be considered one of the shrouding layers surrounding the Self. But they are NOT the SELF. They are not who we are.  


We can learn to stop the thundering train and begin the process of revealing the Self through detachment from the thoughts.


And this we achieve through a mindfulness practice.


And oh what a practice it is, but as with most things, a consistent practice will get you everywhere. 


You will be able to let go of your thoughts.


You will be able to stay present in the face of them.


You will cease to be emotionally charge by them.


You will get your serenity... and sleep :)


But it is definitely a practice....


And there are so many mindfulness practices out there. Simply choose one, get started, be brief, and consistent.


If you'd like, I've provided one. Simply leave your email below.


But start, and be consistent. It really does work.  






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