BLOG: You're Stepping Up - Here's What You'll Need to Do

How ridiculous are we when we try to get those 27 bags of groceries into the one trip.


Why do we never ask for assistance?



And it's not only the groceries, either. It's every piece of our lives. We attempt to shoulder it all, and do an impeccable job (if we do say so ourselves), until we burn out or break down.


But right now, we have no time for burnout, because, we've got important work to do, and we are simply not going to be able to do it while shouldering everything at once.


On a weekly basis, I am witnessing women stepping up and into roles they had never imagine for themselves. They are volunteering to do it, despite the fact that they have no idea how they'll do it. Because it's just that important.


And they will do it, because that's what we do. We make it work, even if we squash ourselves in the process.


But I can tell you, we'll only be able to sustain this work if we become really adept at delegating. We know it takes a village, and that village is ready for you...


If you'd only ask.


So here's your assignment for the next few weeks. When someone asks how they can help, tell them. Break off a small piece of your burden and ask them to carry it for you.


Or ask me. That's what I'm here for - not only to help you carry your burden, but to transform it into the very thing that allows you to propel yourself to the next level.


If you're stepping up into a role, and you're not quite sure how you're going to do it all at this level, reach out to me for support. 


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With coaching: 


You'll develop your mindset and inner resources so you can make your mark. 


You'll stay present and unflappable in the face of criticism.


You'll develop better boundaries and decision making skills.


You'll have difficult conversations with greater ease.


And you'll manage your time and energy so that you don't end up burned out or broken down. 


In short, you'll have what it takes to make your impact in a way that is sustainable for you.


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