BLOG: Trust Your Self

My usual hiking trail through hilly woods is a veritable luge track right now. We've had glorious sunshine and warmth followed by arctic cold. It turned the layer of snow first to puddles and then to a smooth, translucent blue ice. 



Despite my care, today, bent forward, derrière sticking out, arms spread wide, taking micro steps, the laws of physics reigned.


I slipped, slid, skidded and thoroughly FLAILED more times than I can count.


And yet, each time, my Body pulled it out, leaving me stunned, but UPRIGHT.


And I got safely to the end of the trail. 


On the one hand, I was thoroughly amazed and invigorated.


On the other, it was par for the course.


I have come to expect this brilliance from my Body. I trust that it will carry me safely through whatever endeavor I choose for it, because I have scads of evidence to prove it.


More to the point, I choose to trust it.


In the bodily realm, I trust that:


can do it.


can tackle whatever comes my way.


It will all work out


But it has typically been another thing altogether in the realm of the self. In that realm, there is fear, self-doubt, and endless negative mind chatter on the topics of career, projects, and people.


What if I can't do it? What if this is the time that I thoroughly and irreparably fail? And everyone knows about it?


I'm a recovering perfectionist. I spent years avoiding opportunities that I feared I could not master. If I perceived it as an opportunity with potential failure, or worse, judgment, I didn't even start.


Tragic. The opportunities I gave up.


What's worse, I thought it was me


Not only did I think I was the only one on this packed planet with these fears, I really didn't think I could do it.


I didn't know that beneath all that fear and mind chatter was a core of true perfection - a Self that is unstoppable.


It's a Self that lives the assumptions:


I can do this.


I can tackle whatever comes.


It will all work out. 


Because it will.


This Self takes the slippery ice attitude of the Body and applies it to other opportunities.


When I tap into this Self I just do, I try, I get it, I slip up, I bounce back, I keep right on going, and I get to the end of the trail. I get what I want.


And it all starts with trusting the Self.  


Trust that I can do it, because I've done it so many times. Trust that I can tackle whatever comes, because I have. Trust that it will all turn out okay. Because it does.


But I have to choose to trust it.


This is the practice, until it becomes second nature.


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