BLOG: There Is No Perfect

At every turn, I expect perfection. The perfect pair of The perfect mate. The perfect weather. The perfect words to start a conversation. And especially, the perfect decision. 


In all cases, I search, and craft, and mold the situation ad nauseam. For surely there is a perfect process leading to a perfect outcome yielding ever-lasting peace and happiness. Amen. 


And I just about fool myself with my wizardry, until the illusion is pierced by an arrow to the heel. Aka the inevitable unanticipated event. 




But you see, that arrow will forever and always strike us directly at our heel in the most painful way, because that heel, that vulnerability that exists in spite of our strength, is our need for control. 


And we will do this painful dance with life, arrow in heel, until we get it.


There is no control.


There is no perfect. 


There is only opportunity.


The opportunity to practice letting go.


The opportunity to be grateful.


And the opportunity to grow.


That is the perfect process, leading to the perfect outcome, yielding peace and happiness.


That is the perfect practice.


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