BLOG: Reclaiming Your Energy - Part 3 - The Soul

Isn't it ironic....



In the midst of this great big beautiful world of ours, with its infinite possibility for experience and connection, we spend most of the day boxed inside a container the size of a milk carton.


The truth is we spend the majority of our time up in our heads thinking through some problem, conversation or interaction. Hashing and rehashing the past. Stressing and fretting over the future.


We exhaust ourselves without even moving.


But, alas, we are SAFE.


(Aside from the self-inflicted verbal abuse, of course).


Because when we are up in our heads, we are not taking action, out there, in the real world.


We aren't having that difficult conversation, we aren't setting that boundary that needs to be laid down and reinforced, we aren't pursuing that dream.


So we exist in this most safe and sterile world, with a part of the brain believing that it is doing the very best thing - keeping us safe.


But all this safety robs us of meaningful connection and experience - the fuel of the soul.


So, let's turn this around and begin with simple connection to provide the fuel to reenergize


I know we are all busy, but personal connection is the staff of life, just above water, even before food.


So here's what you'll do: Schedule some recurring time with a soul-sister.


One of those women with whom you could chat and never run out of things to talk about. Or those people with whom you pick up the phone after 20 years and drop right back into mind-meld, stimulating, satisfying conversation. One of those people who leaves you energized and full of potential. 


It could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It could even be annually. But it should be recurring, because the soul needs this food at regular intervals.


If you're a bonus-points-type-person, here's where you'll get them: Add a walk.


If you're restless, or sluggish, and just not feeling like your old self, adding the walk will help you rejuvenate and you may even get to deeper layers of conversation and solution as you talk with your bestie.


It's as simple as that. Feed your soul through connection to begin regaining your energy.


Once you've done that, you'll be in a better position to tackle those difficult conversations, boundaries, or dreams. But if you get to that place and need additional support, as always, I'm here. Simply reach out. 


Let's keep in touch.

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