BLOG: Reclaiming Your Energy - Part 2 - The Mind

You know those items on your to-do list that you glance at sideways and mentally push back into some recess of the mind?




We all have those areas of our lives. Some unsettled something that causes anxiety, or restlessness when our mind rests on it too long.


It could be something that feels scary, something we don't know how to do,  or something we really, really don't want to do.


So we avoid it.


And in the intervening months/years, our dis-ease only grows, because our minds are not skilled at letting go. Once the seed has been planted our minds work and work to solve the problem, whether we are conscious of it or not.


And all that work takes energy.


So the thing to do to reclaim energy is to quit avoiding and look the beast in the eye. 


Easier said than done, right? 


So, here's a simple three-step process to help you: 

1)  Carve out some time. Put some time on your calendar to deal with it. Getting it out of your head and into a concrete time slot will help prepare your mind for action.


2) Prepare for the kickback of the mind. Develop a quick mantra in preparation for the time when you will inevitably try to talk yourself out of doing that thing.


"Do it now," is simple and effective, but figure out what works for you.


3) Take action. When the time comes, repeat your mantra, and delve in. Even if you're unmotivated, mad, sad, scared, or otherwise, take that first step. Define the issue and figure out the next best step. Then, do that step.


Bonus: When you're done, take time to notice how you feel. How are you different? Lighter? More energized? More at ease? 


Now that you have a simple process to ease the way, the question for you is this: What piece of your life are you avoiding? What is that thing that is draining your energy?


Look it in the eye and get it done.


In the end, you'll lighten your load and reclaim energy. 


P.S. Have you been avoiding you? Are there things you need to work on to feel less stressed and more at ease? If so, now's the perfect time to set up a consult.


Sometimes we all need a little support to get started. If that is you, take that first step to set up a consult so we can begin the conversation. And of course, do it now ;)


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