BLOG: One Way To Get It All Done, Beautifully

When I ask women about their greatest challenge, it is this: 


How do I get it all done?


We have a lot on our plates. Sometimes we check everything off our lists effortlessly. We are focused, organized, powerful, efficient, effective, and it all gets done beautifully.





Other times, we are under water or in a whirlwind with too much flying at us.


Yet, as diligent and successful women, we want to meet and exceed our obligations.


So how do we stay on top of everything? 


Two words: Free will.


The secret is to use our God-given right to exercise a, "H--- No!" Proactively and in alignment with our goals and desires.


H--- No!


Yikes! That may shock the sensibilities a bit.


But that's exactly the force we may need to generate internally the first few times, because we are fighting another powerful force - inertia.


While we may need the force internally, you can choose to edit the tone, and it may actually come out as a simple, "No."


Or possibly a "It sounds like a great endeavor, and I wish you well. I am not taking on further obligations at this time." 


And it's difficult to do. A WHOLE BUNCH of stuff may very well come up for you as you even contemplate exercising a No. 


Who am I to....What will they think of me....I'll lose my standing....


Exercising free will in the face of our culture and judgment from others is BIG stuff.


I encourage you to find support - a friend, family member, mentor. This will be someone who will have your back, know your plan, and help you stick to your guns in the moments you don't feel as strong or courageous.   


It's a difficult practice to begin, but not insurmountable. And once you start, you'll gain energy and excitement. Most of all, you'll find an ease.


And you'll get it all done. The important stuff, that is. The stuff that lights you up and leaves you fulfilled.



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