If you're anything like me, your tendency toward perfection ratchets up during the holidays. What could be a moment of comedy is judged as horrific.



To a perfectionist, there's nothing quite like the shock and heart sinking awe of flinging open the door to your beautiful, immaculate home to welcome holiday visitors as a huge dust bunny wafts from under the adjacent chair and into view.


Or the realization that you forgot to add salt to the gingerbread.


Or the discovery of ____________. 


Sound silly? You're right. But that does not stop the madness. Your reactions are your reactions.


In the moment you realize the flaw, your focus shifts from a heart warming experience to the harsh and unrelenting climate of your mind.


And that is the place where our joy is most often squashed. 


This less-than-ideal shift is brought to you by Perfection, and its co-conspirator, Expectation. 


It's understandable. Perfection allows us the illusion of sweet control in an unpredictable and chaotic world. But it comes with unrealistic expectations, and those buggers are another joy killer.


So how do we turn it around?


...Let it go....


Ach. I can hear you already. Easier said than done. And that is a truth with a capital T.


Letting it go, whatever expectation or standard you had, is like trying to get sticky biscuit dough off your hands. You succeed in removing some from your left, only to have it cling to your right.


With diligence you can do it, though.


And it's worth it. The thing to remember is that by holding on to that expectation or rather the disappointment/frustration/anger that a conflicting reality brings, we are only hurting ourselves.


So how do we do it?


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