BLOG: Initial thoughts

As I sit here harnessing all the ideas and stories I want to share, I realize that this is going to be a tad bit messy.


I am honest. I reveal A Lot, when I engage in conversation. Quite frankly, it gives me pause to do so here in this most public space. 


My twenty year old self, that model of perfection and keeping up appearances, is horrified. But after decades in and amongst meltdowns and crises of my most esteemed, including myself, my forty year old self acknowledges that messy's part and parcel of a well-lived life. 


And I have the most profound belief that feeling alone is, by far, the highest form of torture to the soul. 


So my hope is that the experiences shared here will resonate not everywhere, but somewhere, with someone, and let you know that the life you're living is perfect...and you're not alone.


Let's keep in touch.

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