BLOG: Have You Been Ignoring this Crucial Aspect of the Good Life?

For many of us, and for many reasons, we set our finances in a corner of our lives, only to collect dust. 



It may be that we do not fully understand them. We consider it a complex, high tech, numbers game for which we have never been given the rules.


Or we are swamped with the numerous other details of life that require our more immediate attention.


Or we may feel disenchanted, because money has failed us. It was supposed to make things easier...but it hasn’t.


Or we simply don’t know where to start.


Even though we are extremely successful in the rest of our lives, we are less confident and at ease when it comes to money.


As a result, we complete everything on our to do lists, except our finances.


The problem with this approach is that the longer we ignore our money, the more brain space and emotional energy it consumes. Address it, close the loop, and you gain more time and energy for the things that matter most to you.


Moreover, ignoring your finances can ravage your nest egg. The absolute beauty of investing is that your money works for you through the magic of compounding. But it takes time. Lots of it. However, if you give it the time it deserves, the benefits are exponential. 


So start. Now.


Let’s dust off this corner of your life, so you can have the confidence that your money is doing what it is meant to do, so you can have more energy to make your impact!


TAKE THE NEXT STEP: Download this guide to gain momentum and take the first step toward greater confidence with your investments.  




Katy Burno started VisionProject to help amazing professional women across the United States align their thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs to achieve greater health, wealth, and happiness.


By combining ancient practices with modern science, her clients are able to achieve lasting change.


Katy is a former wealth manager, health warrior, and Certified Master in the Transformational Coaching Method. She has a BA in Philosophy and Art from Northwestern University, and an MBA/JD in Strategy from the University of Iowa.


You may find her on Facebook at VisionProject, or contact her directly by leaving a note here.


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