BLOG: Creating

I just had coffee with an attorney friend, and we got all sorts of jazzed up (notwithstanding the caffeine and company) discussing the idea of creating and trying to figure out what it is about it that gets us so excited. 


Creating. The very thought of it leaves some people cold. For those creatives, though, it leaves us giddy. In either case, I'm taking a stand that for each and every one of us there's nothing like it to generate excitement. 


I've known many who've declared that they don't have a single creative bone in their body. But let's make a distinction, 'cause this is really great stuff, for creatives and non-creatives alike.


I've always associated creating with creativity, as in the ability to transcend traditional ideas and ways of doing things, originality. Well that's stifling, limiting and at times, even for the creatives, a very tall order. 


What I've come to realize, what I'm talking about here, is the creating we can all do. Building something, putting something together, planning, bringing something, anything, into existence. That's what generates excitement. 


You should have seen the twinkle in her eye as my attorney friend talked about the creating she gets to do in her work. Now perhaps creating isn't the first thing I associate with the practice of law and those who excel at it, but it's definitely there. 


This woman's a deal lawyer and an expert in negotiation. Negotiating a deal is nothing if not an act of bringing something into existence. Not only that, it's an act of creation that can be absolutely beautiful in its execution and result.


Given our usual slog through the necessities of the day, we may not get a chance to create. We've got to drag ourselves from bed, get ready for the day, get out the door, and into the business of jobs and life. Amidst all of this, we plug away and tick off some items on our endless to do lists, but we don't really get to create. There's a Sisyphus type heaviness in that. 


Yet, at our absolute core as women, creating is what we're here to do. And it generates such a life-force that we end up in a higher, more fulfilling vibration. 


So the question is where do we have opportunity in our week to create, to plan a trip, to put together a dinner party, or to otherwise bring something into existence? And when you do, take a moment to relish the thrill of it, no matter the magnitude.


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